server use policy

The following is a guideline on what is allowed at and what isn't. It is not the beginning and the end. At all times the server admins (may change) can reserve the right to deny anyone access to the system without notice and reason. By using the system in any way you explicitly consent to this policy and vow to follow it's rules.

  • No sharing of user accounts with others. Never allow others to log into the system, never give out your password. Always make sure your login is secure.
  • No unfair use of resources. Don't download or upload huge files, use too much homedir space, cpu usage, heavy web page scripts or anything that unfairly loads the system.
  • Don't send out hate mail using your e-mail account at foo-projects, don't flame, don't mailbomb, don't spam, don't willingly attract spam or otherwise frustrate mail delivery at
  • Do communicate with the server admins, talk what you are going to do. Let them know if you suspect to be slashdotted, monitor your projects' webserver bandwidth usage (it's not free!).