About Foo-Projects.org

Foo-Projects.org was born from Lunar-linux.org and xfce.org. These two OSS projects have grown to a considerable size over the last year and they have been using the same server resources since late 2003.

At that time, Chuck Mead proposed to setup a project server for these two projects specifically. This server turned out to be a fruitfull development platform that offered a large amount of freedom to the two projects. It incented new ideas and fast development that characterizes the lunar and xfce projects.

Before that, there already was lunar-penguin. Due to this name (heavily linux focused) we didn't see this name fit as a platform name to provide support to projects that had no direct relation to linux. The lunar-penguin name was never actively used as a platform name.

In 2004, the entire server was moved to a new location and new hardware. It became apparent that neither the lunar nor the xfce project owns the server. There was a need for a larger "umbrella" that works behind the scenes to support these projects. New projects were also asking for this type of support

Foo-projects.org is maintained by Auke Kok and Terry Chan. Both are heavily involved in projects hosted at foo-projects.org' server espresso, and currently support 6 OSS projects, 14 mailinglists, 12 websites, 4 CMS's, 4 cvs repositories, 1 IRC server, anoncvs, webcvs, and 8 mysqldb's to provide the support that these projects need.

Foo-Projects' resources are available to anyone who wishes to promote his/hers/their OSS projects and that requires more than just a simple hosting place. Foo-Projects can be contacted by sending an e-mail to sofar at foo-projects.org