New (sub) projects!

It's quite busy on the developers from here at foo. A couple of new sub-projects have been started up and interesting development is taking place!

Thunar is the codename for an Xfce file manager. This one is seriously being worked on, the project outline and design stage is taking form as wel speak.

Xfc implements C++ bindings for the core Xfce libraries, and will allow people to write C++ Xfce applications. (no site yet!).

We're also setting up a '' site. This will be a rather growing site where people can report new themes, applications and other xfce-related material. It will become a library of all that is Xfce.

Mailing lists have moved!

The mailinglists have moved! Although the physical addresses are still the same, the information and administrative pages are now served under the domain instead of lunar. This will make it clear that resources are shared and all projects use the same facilities.

The url is now

The URL's on lunar's and xfce's website have been adjusted already. Other projects should adjust their webpages tooto make sure everyone can find these pages in the future.

4.2.0! is pleased to announce the survival of slashdot. Thanks to Striker for serving images on the mirror, espresso has served up to 80.000 hits per hour during the slashdot effect.

Congratulations to the Xfce team with this fine release. We look forward to the 4.4.0 version already!

zengarden - new project

Milosz is back, he's busy rewriting installwatch to be more safe, fast, flexible, errr and some more. Check out the w3c-compliant html at

US xfce. mirror

Jon South alias Striker has offered a high-bandwidth mirror of for ziltch. I always like getting stuff for ziltch as I have enough of that. Go and visit the US Xfce mirror.