Xfce 4.2 Release Candidate 1 is out

Today, the Xfce project is proud to announce the release of version 4.2-RC1 of its Desktop Environment and development framework. Xfce is designed for Unix platforms using the GTK+ toolkit, and follows the Freedesktop specifications. It can be downloaded from here. Read all about it!

Lunar Linux and Zepto 4200 - by Goran Krampe

Goran 'gokr' Krampe wrote an excellent story on lunar on the site of his employer. "I did find reports of people building it themselves though, but somehow this triggered me to go into "distro fishing mode". Perhaps it was time to give a source distro a shot? I had read about Gentoo and others but the one that finally caught my eye was actually Lunar Linux, "out of this world!".". Definately worth a read!

Xfce 4.2 is brewing

Xfce-4.2 is brewing and it's coming along nice. The Xfce project Already released two Beta's in the last two months and upcoming will most likely be a first release candidate. For those of you that want to switch to a lighter but still pretty and user-friendly desktop environment you should really consider trying out Xfce4. Read more on the Xfce page.

The 4.2 release will differ majorly from 4.0, providing features such as a compositing manager for xfwm4 (a manager for the new Xorg compositor extension, which brings true transparency to the Xfce desktop), as well as support for the base directory specification. Xfce is now available in more than 25 languages, has a kiosk mode and the best Xinerama handling out there.

New project: BSA

I'm setting up http://bsa.foo-projects.org/ as we speak... check it out if you're interested in electronics and stuff (I have no clue what it's about yet).

Server use etc. updates

I've created a server use policy page and a account request/update submission page. New people should use these pages to request an account and fill in the right data.