SVN and HTTPS works in progress

Foo-projects is currently in the works of getting a properly setup SSL site. In the future we will be using this to serve our (also future) SVN repositories to developers with write access. This increase the flexibility that developers have to limit and open access to part of the repository to other people.

I also applied for a free go-daddy SSL certificate. The https site will be run on to reduce the number of entry points for SVN to fewer addresses.

We're pretty much ready for moving Xfce to SVN now. Tests have been done to verify their CVS can be moved over. Even svn-commit-mails are setup already!.


Don't laugh... it's a Logging And Rotation Daemon written by yours truly. Visit the lard homepage for downloads and stuff ;^). Lard can replace syslogd+logrotate on typical unix systems.

Xfc website online

Jeff Franks did some major work on the Xfc website, which is now completely filled. For those who do not know, The Xfce Foundation Classes (did I spell that right?) allow people to write native C++ programs that use the Xfce core libraries. This will spur the development of Xfce applications using C++, making it more accessible to developers who want to do this. The Tutorial on how to write C++ apps for Xfce/gtk+ is now online. /me grabs his vim.

edit: it's foundation not foundry :^)

FOSDEM - report

Fresh back from FOSDEM 2005 in Bruxelles! The Xfce team and Lunar developers enjoyed two days of interesting talks and other activities. Meeting amongst eachother was a valuable experience for all of us, and we feel sorry for those who could not make it. We hope next time more of you can be there!

Meanwhile, we're slowly uploading our photo's to a gallery I setup. All developers can upload their crappy photos to espresso and let me know where they are ;^).

A lot of plans have been discussed in the weekend, over the course of the next few weeks we hope to give some of these more body. Stay tuned!


About 10 developers from foo-projects will meet at FOSDEM 2005 in Brussels this weekend (26/27 Feb). If you're interested in Xfce, lunar or meeting up with the people behind these projects then come around!