[Lunar-bugs] [feature] design aliases and groups structures to replace 'profiles'

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Thu Oct 7 14:56:40 UTC 2004

 Project:      lunar-linux
 Version:      <none>
 Component:    theedge (core tools)
 Category:     feature requests
-Priority:     minor
+Priority:     normal
 Assigned to:  sofar
 Reported by:  sofar
 Updated by:   sofar
 Status:       active

* a basic prototype of aliases is now in theedge

* not considering groups until I remember what the hell was meant by


Previous comments:

Tue, 06/22/2004 - 14:50 : sofar

We need a structure to replace 'profiles'. Possible replacements
discussed on 20040612 are:

* aliases

* groups

elaboration and structure needs to be worked out including code impact.

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