[Lunar-commits] r22175 - moonbase/trunk/devel/subversion

Florin Braescu florin at lunar-linux.org
Mon Nov 13 06:32:56 CET 2006

Author: florin
Date: 2006-11-13 06:32:56 +0100 (Mon, 13 Nov 2006)
New Revision: 22175

cosmetic changes.

Modified: moonbase/trunk/devel/subversion/DETAILS
--- moonbase/trunk/devel/subversion/DETAILS	2006-11-13 05:29:10 UTC (rev 22174)
+++ moonbase/trunk/devel/subversion/DETAILS	2006-11-13 05:32:56 UTC (rev 22175)
@@ -7,13 +7,17 @@
-           SHORT="An alternative to cvs"
+           SHORT="free/open-source version control system"
 cat << EOF
-Subversion is meant to be a better CVS, so it will have most of CVS's
-features, with as many as possible in the 1.0 release. The main exception
-is "svn blame" (i.e., "cvs annotate"), which has been put off until
-after 1.0 for scheduling reasons. Generally, Subversion's interface to
-a particular feature is similar to CVS's, except where there's a
-compelling reason to do otherwise.
+Subversion is a free/open-source version control system. That
+is, Subversion manages files and directories over time. A tree
+of files is placed into a central repository. The repository is
+much like an ordinary file server, except that it remembers every
+change ever made to your files and directories. This allows you
+to recover older versions of your data, or examine the history
+of how your data changed. In this regard, many people think of
+a version control system as a sort of time machine.
+[See the online subversion boot at at http://svnbook.red-bean.com/]

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