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Steven Michalske wrote:
| On Tuesday 19 August 2003 5:13 pm, Chuck Mead wrote:
| CM> <csm> we need to make some changes to our kernel modules
| CM>
| CM> <csm> as it stands right now we cannot build and install a parallel
| CM> kernel (additional kernel) because as soon as we lin a new one it
| CM> removes the old one as a part of the installation... this is wrong and
| CM> unsafe... we should be able to revert safely to a previous image
if our
| CM> new build is b0rked and right now we cannot do that
| CM>
| csm,
| How would you like to go about this?

I would simply like to have the module add the new stanza to menu.lst or
lilo.conf instead of completely overwrite the existing one. I would also
like to *NOT* delete the pre-existing kernel image and handle modules
properly based upon which kernel is being booted.

| i am willing to work on ways to improve this but i would like to
dicuss what
| exactly you are looking for.  I have written a 1 level deep backup of the
| kernel source. And it moves to .old and it backs up the kernel to .old
| although the backup doesnt add an lilo entry for the backup
| Ill try to be in the dev channel tomarrow to dicuss
| Steve

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