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Nick Hudson nhudson at lunar-linux.org
Thu Dec 11 07:57:29 GMT 2003

I totally agree with this idea... I think it would make for easier 
merging to, for me anyway its a pain in the butt every couple of months 
to totally take all the stuff I do with Gnome in crater and move it to 
moonbase.  If we can have tags and mark it STABLE and UNSTABLE and then 
easily merge the directories inside it that would be great.


ratler at lunar-linux.org wrote:
> (Think i sent it with wrong from adress first time)
> This give a even bigger reason to start using STABLE, UNSTABLE tags in CVS
> for the modules in my opinion. That way we don't have to worry about
> having duplicates of modules of the same app. When moonbase is generated
> it will pull all the STABLE modules. STABLE would mean the latest version
> that have been tested by a few developers/users. UNSTABLE is bumped/fixed
> modules that havn't been tested thouroughly yet.
> Sincerely
> Stefan Wold
> On Wed, 10 Dec 2003, Nick Hudson wrote:
>>I have a questions for all and for the few who are putting the KDE
>>testing modules into moonbase.  Why are we doing this?  For myself being
>>on dialup it makes for a longer download of the moonbase ... but thats
>>not the real reason, im kind of complaining here.  Personally I look at
>>it this way moonbase is for the latest stable or latest software
>>availiable ... and it sometimes gets confiusing  if you have 2-3 version
>>of KDE in moonbase at one time.  Why arent we using crater for the
>>testing of KDE?  I use crater all the time for testing Gnome modules,
>>like now I am using it for the Gnome 2.5.x Desktop Series which works
>>out fine to test with.  You screw something up you dont have to worry
>>about effecting hundereds of users at one time.  I dont mean to sound
>>rude in doing this I just think there is a better way to do development
>>and doing it in moonbase is the wrong place for it.
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