kernel/bootloader management

r0dzilla r0dzilla at
Sat Oct 4 15:50:41 GMT 2003

At 12:30pm (-0500 GMT), csm held a meeting to discuss serveral things,
including implementing a procedure to allow lunar linux to manage
multiple kernels installed simultaneously.

After he spoke, a discussion began between Sofar, Moe, myself and others
regarding the need for bootloader management to coincide with csm's
requested kernel management.

The following has been agreed upon:

A bootloader management script will be developed to handle creating
bootloader config files for both lilo and grub.  The bootloader config
files will contain the following:

- Default options (delay, timeout, etc...)  Some of which are lilo and
grub specific.

- Boot options for the default kernel and every kernel currently

- User-defined global append information (vga=ask, etc...)

- User-defined specific append options for each kernel installed

An ncurses (DIALOG) based script will be developed to provide a
user-friendly interface for users to configure the following:

- user's preferred bootloader (which could be auto-lin'ed if it was not
yet installed)

- configure bootloader default options

- edit global append options

- edit specific append options for each kernel

The kernel and bootloader information will be stored in
/var/state/lunar/kernel and it will contain the following:

- Current default kernel
- all other kernels installed
- User's perferred bootloader
- Default bootloader options
- User's global append options
- User's specific append options for each kernel

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