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Chuck Mead csm at
Fri Oct 31 11:39:59 GMT 2003

On Fri, 31 Oct 2003, Jasper Huijsmans wrote:

> On Thu, 30 Oct 2003 23:27:41 -0500
> Chuck Mead <csm at> wrote:
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> > We are just about there with the initscripts...
> >
> > Depending on what elaine and jasper say tomorrow we might be about
> > ready
> > to make a profile for this... call it new-init or something.
> >
> All seems to work fine. One odd thing I get is an error message before
> anything has started:
> Error stat(2)ing: "fd": no such file or directory
> This is before even devfsd gets mounted, so it could be from
> from initlog or perhaps bash. I couldn't find anything in the initlog
> code. It doesn't do any harm apparently.

I might find this over the weekend... we'll see.

> I have a few questions:
> * our modutils / module-init-tools install an initscript to load all
> modules listed in /etc/modules. The rc.sysinit doesn't seem to provide
> any such functionality. Should something like that be added or is it
> provided somewhere else?

I think an initscript to accomplish this would be better than a
modification to rc.sysinit.

> * I have updated modules for metalog and fcron, should they be added to
> the init.d scripts in CVS? And, in general, new and old initscripts are
> not compatible, how should we handle this?

Yes... please add them to the init.d cvs module.

As to the new/old thing I think we are very close to being able to push
this out to everyone so I am not sure what we should do but obviously we
will have to take what's in init.d cvs and submit them to each init.d
sub-dir in the moonbase or do a separate module which simply loads and
overwrites what's already in init.d. Thoughts?

> * there is some kernel related code in rc.sysinit that is very
> redhat-specific. Perhaps some of our kernel guru's can have a look.
> Specifically, the part calling depmod and some code dealing with a
> special redhat kernel library. This doesn't stop us from using it now,
> BTW, it simply is ignored.

Hmmmm.... gotta look at that.

> * rc.sysinit loads mousedev and keyboarddev if you have usb. This
> creates FATAL error messages from the kernel. The modules are probably
> kernel 2.4 specific, but I'm not sure. Since we don't really support 2.6
> it may not be a problem.

Yes.. this is a 2.4/2.6 thing... they have different names under 2.6.

> * the initscripts package provides sys-unconfig functionality, that
> makes rc.sysinit reset some system stuff on reboot. This calls
> several redhat config utilities. It may be nice to add these to lunar as
> well, now that we have netconfig and ntsysv already: kbdconfig,
> timeconfig, authconfig (pam setup?). Perhaps related to this:
> pam_console_apply, which apparently sets up some pam permissions. I have
> no idea if this is at all possible.

I will look at this too but it's not a show stopper in the meantime.

> > Anyway it is rock solid here for me on two machines... and one of them
> > is a lappie running pcmcia stuff!
> >
> It works perfectly for me, but so did the old system ;-)

Not on servers it didn;t and a lot of exit code handling and some other
stuff just never really got solid.

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