informal request - gnome2 + python

Nick Hudson nhudson at
Fri Apr 23 15:07:43 GMT 2004

One last note real quick, I dont seem to find gramps in moonbase, so it 
was removed by someone.  I will try to loacate the package and give it a 


Auke Kok wrote:

> Hi all,
> since gnome-2.6 is out and I was digging up some old bugs *and* I 
> received an informal request (from a hot chick - I shit you not) on 
> the status of it, I hope a few people (nick? if you have time? 
> others?) will want to dig into the gnome-python stuff we had lying 
> around that broke since 2.4
> the following modules were either removed, never worked, or are still 
> broken:
> meld
> straw
> gramps
> gdesklets
> if anyone can come with more it might be an idea to make this into a 
> small joint effort. Hopefully with gnome being back in /usr we can get 
> this sorted out and use them once again.
> Anyone wants to help out this desparate linuxchick that wants to 
> switch to lunar out???
> thx, enjoy the weekend folks!
> sofar
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