Testers needed for lunar linux and linux-grsec kernel modules.

Terry Chan tpchan at comcast.net
Thu Aug 12 03:15:28 GMT 2004

I've updated niki's lunar kernel patchset (ll-rc6.0.0.tar.bz2) with the latest
versions available from all the various web pages, including
grsecurity-2.0.1-2.4.27.patch and the Con Kolivas patchset (now known as the
lck patchset).

I had to edit a very small portion of the grsecurity patch because it was in
a slight conflict with the 031-acl-0.8.71 (lck) patch in the file
linux-2.4.27/fs/namei.c.  grsec users should test the linux-grsec modules
very carefully.  The patch now applies with no rejects and I tried hard not to
change the logic in namei.c between the conflicting lck and grsec patch sets.

I've uploaded to cvs crater/kernel/  the updated versions of the linux and
linux-grsec modules.

Please test both kernels and if I get some feedback, then I'll bump the
regular moonbase kernels (linux and linux-grsec) to 2.4.27.


Terry Chan

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