thank you, here is a bit about this crazy v3rt1g0 guy...

Chad R. Kittel v3rt1g0 at
Mon Aug 30 00:37:12 GMT 2004

Hello World!

So, figured it was appropriate to fire off a "about me" email to the lunar-dev 
list as I am a new recruit to the folds of you fine folk.  Here it goes.  I'm 
24 (will be 25 on the 6th of september, yay for birthdays),  of the male 
species (sorry), freshly married (june 5th) to a nurse.  I live in Milwaukee, 
Wisconsin.  Hate the greenbay packers, love the milwaukee brewers (even 
though they are sucking right now).  Graduated from UW-Whitewater with some 
sort of 4-year degree dealing with computers and the such, although it took 
me more than 4 years for some reason *sigh*.  Was roomies with Veerappan (or 
however you spell that crazy guys name), so he can vouch for my insanity.  I 
work a 9-5 for a chicago/milwaukee based company.  I'm a .NET programmer 
there (*hides from the onslaught of tommatoes, fresh fruit, and babies*).  
Before that I worked with Veer in UW-W's SGI lab. Those were such cute little 

I have 3 lunar boxes.
- a 733 p3 - "the server" - linux-beta, gcc 3.3 - no X
- an AMD xp3200+ - "the main desktop system" - linux-beta-mm, gcc 3.3, XOrg - 
kde3 - NVIDIA (will be headed to e16 with this one sometime in the not so 
distant future)
- a 2ghz P4 dell inspiron 8200 - "the POS laptop that wants to beleive it's a 
2.0ghz P4, but runs at the speed of my old 486sx" - linux-beta-mm, ggc3.3, 
XOrg - kde3 - NIVIDA

I like kitty cats (have two: a tortie and a begal). I hate dogs.  I'm into 
progressive rock, classic rock, (tasteful and tame) metal, and classical 

I am in no way 1337 even though my username is 'v3rt1g0'.  I was working on my 
private pilot's liscense about 5 years ago and picked up the handle of 
vertigo.  Only problem was that it was taken almost everywhere, hence the 
easy to read substitue of v3rt1g0.  

Oh, and I can't spell.

- v3rt1g0

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