Xfree 4.4

Nick Hudson nhudson at lunar-linux.org
Thu Mar 25 16:05:01 GMT 2004

I have fixed some problems with the Xfree 4.4 module.  one of which it 
wasnt setting the host.def file in the correct location and it wasnt 
exporting the computers CFLAGS, so it was just building with no CFLAGS 
in the compiler.  If anyone wants the module it is now being kept at 

On another note I will be working on seperating the Xfree86 module into 
4-5 diffrent module sets, for example xfree86-libs, xfree86-drm, 
xfree86-fonts, xfree86-docs, xfree86-server.  This might change once I 
start on them which will probobly be sometime after the Gnome 2.6 stuff 
gets put into moonbase. 

Also I am working on getting the XOrg's xserver into zbeta soon for 
testing.  I would like to see us one day soon move to this xserver as 
our default.  As it looks like the Xfree team wont change the license 
issue.  Anyway the module for now is in crater and once I have it 
actually working I will move it over to zbeta so everyone can test it. 



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