postgresql, again.

Nick Hudson nhudson at
Tue Mar 30 12:34:28 GMT 2004

I saw do what you want to with the module and then commit it to cvs... 
If you know that it works and you see that it is working then submit it 
back and someone will put it in cvs.  Hell you can email it to me 
personally and I will put it in moonbase.  I dont think you have to 
worry about stepping on anyones toes here.


Dennis Veatch wrote:

>I some how sense a certain amount of stonewalling (perhaps wrongly) about the 
>postgresql maintainer question. Which really is not my question at all. 
>I understand it's function. Which is the reason I asked nhudson about the 
>module. Who responded in effect, "haven't messed with it since sorcerer days" 
>and "I only fiddle with mysql" (paraphrase of course). It was also mentioned 
>the last to version bump was florin. If either of these gents, do not want to 
>deal with this module, I would be pleased to do so.
>Sorcerer days is a rather long time and this module has only experienced 
>version bumps. There are additional options postgresql has that are not part 
>of the current module I would like to see implemented. I even submitted via 
>this mail list some changes to reflect that and there has not been any 
>comments about them.
>So at this point I can only assume;
>a) I'm not a developer, go away and leave us alone.
>b) I truly do not understand the maintainer issue and was completely wrong by 
>asking nhudson about the module, even though he is identified as such.
>c) The bug list should be used for such things.
>d) Any attempt to resquest developer status for this module will be shot down 
>faster than Iraqi fighter aircraft.

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