Auke Kok sofar at
Wed Jul 6 10:08:03 UTC 2005

Terry Chan wrote:

>When testing the new version of openssl-0.9.8, it seems to break quite a few
>apps in moonbase because of hidden depends on openssl existing in moonbase.
>I had to hack the openssl module to temporarily add symlinks for:
>/usr/lib/ ->
>/usr/lib/ ->
>This is less than ideal.  If someone else has a better idea on how to fix
>this problem of version bumping openssl from 0.9.7g to 0.9.8, feel free to
>fix it in moonbase.
>I have NOT bumped the version of openssl to 0.9.8, in moonbase.
>Once all the hidden apps have been recompiled with the new openssl, they
>seem to work fine with and

this is an ever re-occuring problem with only one answer: you have to 
recompile all modules that (somehow) depend on openssl. The only 
solution I see for openssl is:

1) bump the module but do not do anything specific after
2) send out an announcement prior with instructions and a code snipplet 
that shows you how to rebuild the required apllications, or otherwise 
use 'lunar fix' to autodetect and rebuild based on broken symlinks 
(ldd_check catches these).

anything other is futile IMO


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