CPU computing performance benchmarking

Auke Kok sofar at lunar-linux.org
Tue Jul 12 13:26:25 UTC 2005


For those of you interested in HPC computing, I've run several nbench 
benchmarks across a few systems I can access here and there. The results 
are logical but perhaps surprising in some perspectives:


If you wish to add your results because they add to the overall image of 
the list then please submit the last block of output from 'nbench' to me 
by email and I will include it. Please only send lunar output, and not 
other distros (unless explicitly mentioned).

Please note that nbench is fairly skewed towards CPU intensive tasks. 
The nbench task hardly even runs outside of the L1 cache and doesn't 
even remotely test memory throughput and stuff like that. This test is 
therefore very precise and fair, but cruel to systems which have fast 
memory but a slow CPU etc. It's really a CPU-only benchmark.



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