module SHORT parameter

Auke Kok sofar at
Wed Jun 1 13:14:53 UTC 2005


I just fixed about 25 SHORT description in moonbase as I found lots and 
lots of problems with them. Here's a reminder how you should use 'SHORT' 

1) keep them under 80 characters. SHORT is usually displayed in a 
terminal and thus becomes awkward to read when it's long. Preferably 
SHORT is no less than 60 characters even

2) Don't do any of these:

SHORT="module XXX is a ...."

That's nonsense, SHORT is already displayed with the module name. You're 
not making it SHORT that way

SHORT="The goal of ...."

That's not e description, but a GOAL statement.

3) SHORT *****MUST****** be a single line. That means that there may 
____NOT____ be an ENTER character in the string. This breaks all sorts 
of display formats and lunar menu's.

Please keep these in mind and adjust the modules you maintain or see 
that are wrong. Thanks,


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