account info for submission management

Dennis Veatch dveatch at
Sun Jun 12 18:01:33 UTC 2005

On Sunday 12 June 2005 01:52 pm, you wrote:
> Alex, Dennis,
> as you can see by the To: line you have an email forwarding account for
> your respective https login that gives you access to the SVN submission
> trunk. I've set it up quickly so give it a try but since I'm gone for a
> week from tomorrow You'll have to wait if you have problems with it ;^).
> Anyway you guys should use the following BASE svn url for your
> checkout/checkins:
> svn co
> good luck and happy reviewing!
> Dennis: wtf is stumbles? your south park character? ;^)

Could be :)

> sofar

Stumbles is a long story :) 

The short of it;

In spite of my knowledge, experience I still stumble around at times looking 
for answers. Most times those are right in front of me.

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