FYI: [Fwd: wget 1.10.x: New option --random to randomize the dns result]

Moritz Heiber moe at
Wed Apr 19 08:05:08 UTC 2006

I really see the benefits of your patch and can't stand the stubborness
on the other side. Please go ahead.




On Wed, 19 Apr 2006 08:17:57 +0200
Jerry Lundström <prox at> wrote:

> Jerry Lundström wrote:
> > I hope they accept the patch so we can once again do true round
> > robin mirroring!
> They seem very unwilling to apply this patch, they don't want to add
> functionallity to wget that solves "not-their"-problem.
> If noone objects I think we should use it anyway and I am going to add
> an option '--retry-4xx'. Like '--retry-connrefused' (which I hope we
> use??) it would retry next ip in the address list if the url gave an
> error.
> That in all would give "our" wget alot more flexability to handle
> mirrors that are down or not synced etc...
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