Lunar-1.6.1 Install ISO "Moose Drool" released for x86_64 and i686

Auke Kok sofar at
Sun Feb 18 08:52:28 CET 2007


With great pleasure we release "Moose Drool", also known as the Lunar-Linux
1.6.1 Installer ISO in to the public.

This ISO is partially a refreshed installer for i686, but it is also our first
stable ISO for x86_64. The x86_64 installer ISO thus marks the true final entry
for Lunar Linux as a multi-arch distro. This ISO comes with gcc-3.4.6,
glibc-2.3.6, linux-2.6.20, perl-5.8.8, and other rock solid base components.

Allthough the x86_64 ISO is purely 64-bit only now, we're working behind the
scenes to enable multilib, so stay focused for more news on that. This will also
be the last iso with gcc-3.x. Future ISO's will move to gcc-4.x and an updated
glibc. Many more new things are to come!

Download it here:

i686: [257MB]

x86_64: [260MB]



Auke Kok

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