about the modular xorg

Jan Eidtmann cmak at lunar-linux.org
Sat Jan 27 11:31:11 CET 2007

hej there,

i have some questions about whats our policy for the 
modular xorg modules. do we (as it currently seems) only 
provide release versions for all modules (versions from 
$XORG_URL/X11$Release), or do we allow individual updates 
for each module (packages from $XORG_URL/individual)?

i dont know weather or not the xorg people add updated 
(bugfix versions) for individual modules into 
$XORG_URL/X11$Release, but it seems that they dont. for 
example: the ati display driver is at version 6.6.0 in the 
release tree (the version it was when X11R7.1 was 
released), but at 6.6.3 in the individual tree. whats the 
deal? i mean, isnt it kinda useless to use the modular 
approach when we dont update the individual packages?

now, if we use updates from the individual tree, care must 
be taken that we do not use development versions for the 
next release, but only bugfix versions for the 
current...but that should be easy to accomplish ^^)

comments please


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