Auke Kok sofar at foo-projects.org
Sat Jan 27 18:25:56 CET 2007

Jan Eidtmann wrote:
> thanks for that explaination, much appreciated! i think the 
> next iso will be with gcc 4.1.1, right? i will update when 
> its released, so that i am at least then up-to-date! :)

the 1.6.1 iso's will have gcc-3.4.6. It'll take me a while to finish those first.

> btw, do we support older releases of lunar? i mean, with 
> the new iso we cannot guarantee that the modules in the 
> moonbase will work with older releases...or does anyone 
> here have one box for each release of lunar to test? :P

why are you making things needlessly complex here?!?!?! All your C apps will 
work 100% guaranteed if you compile gcc-4.1.1. C++ apps like firefox and 
thunderbird STILL WORKED FINE after I installed gcc-4.1.1

there is *no abi problem* at all. You are all seeing ghosts.

go install gcc-4.1.1, everywhere, even if it's your only box. Your only problem 
might be that *new compilations* fail. the old ones work just great and keep 

I can't release a new ISO with gcc-4.1.1 until it's thorougly tested. therefore 
it's unlikely that I can give you any perspective on date as to when this might 
happen. at all.



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