[Lunar-commits] r23708 - in moonbase/trunk/kde3/base: kdeartwork3 kdelibs3

Florin Braescu florin at lunar-linux.org
Sun Mar 18 05:58:29 CET 2007

On Sunday 18 March 2007 03:00:17 Zbigniew Luszpinski wrote:
> Author: zbiggy
> Date: 2007-03-18 02:00:16 +0100 (Sun, 18 Mar 2007)
> New Revision: 23708
> Modified:
>    moonbase/trunk/kde3/base/kdeartwork3/BUILD
>    moonbase/trunk/kde3/base/kdelibs3/BUILD
>    moonbase/trunk/kde3/base/kdelibs3/DEPENDS
>    moonbase/trunk/kde3/base/kdelibs3/DETAILS
> Log:
> Recent libart_lgpl 2.3.19 module update breaks kde compilation.
> To fix the issue I disabled libart support in kde till it will be fixed
> in next version. Without libart there is no support for svg graphics in
> kde. Especially it hurts svg icons. However svg icons are not so much
> popular yet. Other way of fixing svg support is rollback libart_lgpl
> module to 2.3.17 version. KDE breaks with libart 2.3.18 and later.
> If you need svg in kde install libart_lgpl module at 2.3.17 version.
> Then use kde modules older than this update.
> There is no patch to fix this issue now.

  We prefer to use the suited version of libart_lgpl instead :D.


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