[Lunar-commits] r26724 - moonbase/trunk/x11-utils/fontconfig

Zbigniew Luszpinski zbiggy at o2.pl
Thu Nov 22 03:38:07 CET 2007

Friday 16 of November 2007 07:36:53 Stefan Wold wrote:
> Actually that patch is not optimal. Instead add docbook-utils as an
> optional_depends and _always_ apply the patch.

Applying $patch_url patch is to not use docbook-utils by fontconfig so forced 
patching and then asking for optional docbook-utils which will not be used 
thanks to patching is insane.

> That will look a lot 
> cleaner than doing if ! module... and your solution still doesn't give
> the user an option during lin to choose docbook or not which would be
> preferred.

Because building man pages is so minor feature it is not worth asking user. If 
an user is doc reader he/she will have docbook-utils already installed if not 
then not.
That is why I find my patch optimal: install man pages when user has tools to 
process them otherwise apply patch.

Majority accepted forced patching and forced drop of docs so EOT from my side.


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