[Lunar-commits] <moonbase> microcode: updated to release 20080910 all Intel P6 and later CPUs supported

Zbigniew Luszpinski zbiggy at o2.pl
Tue Nov 11 21:33:11 CET 2008

Tuesday 11 of November 2008 20:10:37 Dennis Veatch wrote:
> > +For example, this file will be used by
> > +the operating system mechanism if the file is placed
> > +in the /etc/firmware directory of the Linux system.
> >  EOF

> ermm, I think that really should be /lib/firmware and not /etc/firmware for
> the dat file.

This comment about /etc/firmware was taken from microcode download page at 
Intel website:
Just followed Intel suggestion. microcode_ctl command however 
uses /etc/microcode.dat so symlink is created at the end of install.

Maybe Auke know or can ask microcode maintainer at Intel why /etc/firmware is 
recommended instead of /lib/firmware where usually firmware is placed 
or /etc/microcode.dat which is default microcode file location which 
microcode_ctl command uses.

AFAIK only /etc/microcode.dat location is important because microcode_ctl 
command makes use of it by default (changeable by using -f pathToMicrocode 

have a nice day,
Zbigniew 'zbiggy' Luszpinski

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