lvu links monodevelop ?

Duncan Gibson duncan.gibson at
Thu Aug 26 00:59:26 CEST 2010

I don't want to use mono, as such, but I wanted see know the monodevelop
problem in is still valid,

but on my fresh 1.6.5 installed machine I don't even get as far as
monodevelop itself failing to build. Mine fails with errors about
PrintJob and PrintDialog in gtksourceview-sharp. I've googled for
the errors without finding anything useful, but I'm assuming that
it's all down to a missing dependency.

monodevelop was updated one day after its last release so someone
should have built it. Would that someone be kind enough to send me
the results of running "lvu links monodevelop" so I can try to work
out what the missing dependency is?


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