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Zbigniew Luszpinski zbiggy at
Mon Aug 15 21:24:19 CEST 2011

> Hey,
> as spoken on IRC I've like to point out, that It might be a good thing
> to replace the "firefox" module with "firefox6" or whatever is the
> up-to-date version of firefox.
> 	a) I can understand that we have gtk, gtk2 and gtk3. I
> 	would also understand to have linux 2.4 and linux 2.6
> 	and linux 3.0 - But I can't understand why we need
> 	firefox, firefox-bin, firefox5, firefox6 - And soon
> 	firefox7?
> 	b) Lunar is meant to run at the edge, i.e. we're up to
> 	date -> no need to keep firefox or firefox5 if it's
> 	out of date; the only reason would be that the current
> 	firefox (firefox6) is in some way buggy (and then we
> 	shouldn't have a module for it / shouldn't have updated
> 	to it)
> Hence, if there is no good reason (please tell me about) I'd like to
> rename firefox6 to firefox and remove firefox5 from moonbase. Also, how
> about firefox-bin? is there a binary for firefox6?
> Jean

firefox6 is now a controversial release. Distrowatch list it as production 
release, windows 6 versions are present for download as official from many 
non-mozilla sites. It appeared on mozilla ftp in official dir but mirrors 
still are empty. What's more mozilla official web page still says 5.0.1 is 
recommended production official. The 6 release is planned to be official 
later this month - we use checksums for sources so we can track if 
something was modified. When you run firefox6 on Lunar for first time it 
will display beta web page. I'm not sure if it is smart yet to make it 
default firefox (security/stability). I use it and posted it to moonbase 
as non intrusive addition for early adopters who can not wait :) It should 
be present in zbeta but it is not listed as beta so I put it into web.

a) If you want to make firefox module 6.0 release move previous content to 
firefox3 module. Not all extensions work with 4+ releases - that is why 
firefox3 is still maintaned by mozilla and us. I do not like removing up 
to date modules so see no reason for removing firefox3 from moonbase as 
long as it is maintained by mozilla.

b) firefox5 and firefox3 are both up to date. See updated field and 
mozilla status. firefox6 can be considered as prerelease beta (no 
production status on mozilla). It is very young so we can not be sure it 
is buggy or not.

I do not know who maintains firefox-bin. I do not use it. But keep an eye 
on firefox* because this is the browser of my choice.

I wrote 'upgrade table' code for Lunar and test it yet. This code solves 
the problem of old major releases being removed like firefox4 case. The 
code will notice that old module was removed and lin the one from 
replacement table. Now it seems we need another 'edge table' so early 
adopters can switch without tracing new modules list. :)

I do not like the fact that mozilla follows google with plenty of major 
releases. It makes just mess but have to workaround this somehow.

have a nice day,
Zbigniew Luszpinski

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