[PATCH] Fix for irritating lunar update bug

Auke Kok auke at foo-projects.org
Sun Mar 4 22:07:57 CET 2012

On 03/04/2012 11:14 AM, Zbigniew Luszpinski wrote:
>> On 03/04/2012 08:53 AM, Zbigniew Luszpinski wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> this is another one I have done to make Lunar less irritating.
>>> It also fixes bad dependencies but this time in lunar update:
>>> If lunar update finds that a module was removed from moonbase it asks
>>> you to remove it. When this patch is applied and you say yes to
>>> remove a module removed already from moonbase also its entries will
>>> be removed from depends cache. So lunar lin/update will not make
>>> build errors anymore because of non existing modules sticking in
>>> dependencies cache.>
>>   >         if query "Do you want to remove>
>>   >           lrm $MODULE
>>   >
>>   >  +        sed -i "/$MODULE:/d" ${DEPENDS_STATUS}*
>> This needs to be properly locked, and not use a wildcard
>> other than that, the idea is fine. care to resend with locking?
> I do not know locking mechanism of Lunar. Can you do this for me?

Check out the functions in /var/lib/lunar/functions/modules.lunar, 
especially the functions that manipulate the installed module lists, 
add_module and remove_module.


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