[PATCH] - new mesa 8.0.2

Zbigniew Luszpinski zbiggy at o2.pl
Wed Mar 28 21:49:40 CEST 2012

> On 03/27/2012 02:05 PM, Zbigniew Luszpinski wrote:
> > Update to mesa 8.0.2
> this patch is huge...

Yes. I not only bump version number but also review ./configure --help to 
see what was added/removed, review all scripts and fine tune them.
The result is big patch as you noticed.

Recently xorg and mesa folks do much to clean up projects. This results in 
cutting out old unmaintained drivers for legacy hardware.

> Can I ask on which gfx vendors you tested this? Did you test whether
> 1080p video accelerated playback on Intel Gfx is not using Gallium
> (since, if you enable Gallium on G45/G33 it will result in a max texture
> size of 1024x1024 which is clearly not enough to fit 1080p video). EGL
> is also the default on i915 and relatives...

I have Atom netbook with i915 which runs KDE4, a PC with Geforce 8200 
which runs KDE4, virtual Vmware SVGAII with bare X. VDPAU solution added 
with recent mesa uses shaders for hw video decoding. This makes GPU very 
hot. 1080p may fry my netbook :) if it would run so did not tested this.

The test are basic on Atom (i915): txt console (KMS, frambuffer driver to 
have hi res console) and desktop (kde4): glxinfo, glxgears, xvinfo.
For i915 you have XvMC which I doubt is capable of 1080p playback.

Later I will add to Lunar X-Render benchmark to extend testing 

On Geforece 8200 I use blob NVIDIA-beta and vdpau but if it works for 
video clips from the Internet and DVD it will work for everything else.
OpenGL, 2D, 3D works.

On vmware only tested test console (kernel module).

On all of them compilation is clean.

> basically, this type of stuff should really be tested by someone with a
> radeon card, an nvidia card, and an Intel GFX card.

That is why I post here but nobody except you and  Jean Bruenn cares.
Lunar dev ML looks like /dev/null. Jean tested 8.0.1 and sent me bug 
report so I could fine tune 8.0.1. 8.0.2 is just version bump when 
compared to 8.0.1 because this is only bugfix release. 

udev-181 only gained your attention. udev-182 - nobody cares however it is 
only version bump with removal of non existing options.

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