How To Report Bugs Properly

Remco Lubbers remsys at
Mon Aug 23 08:40:04 GMT 2004

Op Mon, 23 Aug 2004 00:43:45 +0200 schreef Hendrik Visage aan Lunar general
discussion list <lunar at>:

> > >>>>To file bugs, visit:
> > >>>>

> > >>>If it was non-user login nor cookie based yes I'll use it 

> > >>so??? do you want lunar to be a better product or not?

> > >I don't see the need to open up my cookie blocking just for a quick bug 
> > >file

> > >We can go into the pissing contest, but it's easier for me (especially 
> > >when doing stuff remotely) to drop the email than to try and remember yet 
> > >another login and find a cookie enabled browser. Thus, the reason i don't 
> > >waste my own time with the web interface that fails horribly without 
> > >cookies.

> > I'm sorry, but unless you file this as a bug report (section "website") 
> > I'm gonna ignore it completely.

> See pissing_contest's entry :)

I don't think a pissing contenst is going on, it looks like you've got your
mind set to having it your way anyway. 

I think the Lunar team is right if they feel they should be able to keep track
of bugs. We, the mortal users, ought to help them as much as we can in that
effort. If there is a working system for this and this system is set up so that
"the avarage user" can use it, I really do not see your point! Just use the
darn thing and stop wining!

The developers invest time in trying to keep Lunar a great system, I think the
users should try their best in doing the same on their part. If you don't have
access to a browser that allows you to file a bug, why not keep it in mind and
file it later on, when you do have access to a normal system?

If you really can not or will not use a required way of filing, an other way of
having it your way could also be to post it to the ML and ask if somebody could
file the report for you, using the magic word!


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