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Thu Jan 8 13:07:00 GMT 2004

Richard and Chuck

I'm none to damned sure why you're bitching about it *now* :-)

The effect you're noting is exactly the way the linux modules have worked
for as long as you've run lunar (see    lvu activity | egrep 'lin|lrm' ).

This time, it fails because 'lrm' is still doing it's normal thing, 
however we've adjusted the kernel packages to now perform a backup.

That code isn't perfect but it's as good as I was able to make it while
keeping it readable.

It is also not trying to be backward compatible with the older modules
which is *why* you are seeing what you report.

If you care to write a means of making it backward compatible (that 
doesn't also over-complicate the module and works for all of our linux
kernel flavors, feel free to submit it.


On Thu, 08 Jan 2004 12:14:13 -0500 (unchecked - local sync NTPstrat4)
Chuck Mead <csm at> did inscribe thusly:

> Richard B. Pyne wrote:
> > "lin linux" is still removing the prior version kernel from the 
> > /boot directory. I thought this had been fixed.
> > 
> > Nothing should ever automatically delete a kernel! First, it 
> > causes lilo to fail, second, it leaves the system un-bootable if 
> > the new kernel has problems.
> I believe I have said those words about a thousand times!
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