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> Thanks for the suggestion.  I'll try disabling sound to see if that 
> helps also. 
> Things are already looking a lot better.  MTRR was enabled but DMA
> for the CD/DVD drives was disabled.  Recompiling the kernel with DMA
> support enabled made totem, xine, and gxine a lot smoother, but there
> is still room for improvement.

As a matter of fact decoding encrypted DVDs takes a lot of cpu cycles so
be sure there is nothing in the back consuming your cpu power. Also you
could try to set $DVDCSS_METHOD to something else as suggested in the
POST_INSTALL of libdvdcss (from which all application gain their ability
to decode DVDs). For me playing DVDs has always been an issue on this
desktop box since it a) Doesn't have enough power to decode the DVD in
real time and b) because I have a crappy DVD-ROM drive which doesn't
support DMA properly.

Make sure you're running in the best possible setup regarding DMA/UDMA
support by installing and running hdparm. man hdparm for more infos.



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