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Nick Hudson nick.hudson at
Mon Jun 21 02:05:08 GMT 2004

Dude its bloody brillant.  I will have to get me a Tee at the very
least.  Hmm maybe a thong too??


On Sun, 20 Jun 2004 21:04:02 -0400, Jeff Hodges
<jmhodges at> wrote:
> Hey folks.  I just tossed up some lunar merchandise over here
> Not much to look at but its functional.  I believe the beer stein will
> turn out to be especially popular.  I've tried to keep the prices to the
> point where I will be just breaking even on the subscription fee so that
> I spread the lunar love.  If anyone has any more slogan or logo ideas
> they want to see made, email me and I'll get cracking.  Thanks!
> --
> Jeff
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