Plesk running on Lunar?

Remco Lubbers remsys at
Fri Jun 25 09:51:45 GMT 2004

Op Fri, 25 Jun 2004 11:21:41 +0200 schreef Auke Kok aan Lunar general
discussion list <lunar at>:

> >It's not for myself, but for a client to whom I've been bragging about Lunar's
> >qualities: is anybody running Plesk on a Lunar-box? If so, what did it take to
> >get it working?

> I'm almost ;^) offended by your question:

Oops, please forgive me ;-)

> the guys who sell Plesk should 
> provide full compatibility with lunar, not the other way around... after 
> all they are making money on it

you are right of course and Plesk might very well be working fine on Lunar, I
simply don't know and since I'm not using Plesk myself,there's no way of
knowing. That's why I posted this question.


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