Couannette couannette at
Mon Mar 1 20:10:03 GMT 2004


OpenSSH gets updated to version 3.8p1 in moonbase.
Shortly after sshd begins to die unexpectedly. This is, IMHO a key
problem. I believe that sshd/ssh have different algorithms to read/test
server and user keys.

I read the OpenSSH FAQ, and A/Q #2.6 and #2.6 made their way into my
mind, and that's why I pretend there is a key bug/mismatch somewhere.

I worked on with tchan and after cleaning my user keys, ssh would work
again. But the daemon still died. It failed to read/test host keys in

I tested a more aggressive cleasing: re-creation of my server keys. But
no change. Sshd still died.

I recreate now the file /etc/ssh/moduli to build new key hereafter. But
it takes huge amount of proccessing time !!! When it finish I'll hold on...

We must ensure proper operation of this, somewhat ugly, OpenSSH release.
I'll continue to work on this topic as needed.


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