theedge major bugfixes

Auke Kok sofar at
Mon Mar 8 00:45:24 GMT 2004

Hi everyone,

I've just committed a tonload of bugfixes into theedge. Since we're 
hoping to include these in the ISO we hope some of you can jump in and 
test out the behaviour of this modified core. here's an exerpt from the 
commit log:

Fixes for:
- dependency sorting algorithm, completely rewritten from scratch, 
implemented using a depends.cache file which speeds up all dependency 
work immensely. The time needed to create the cache might still be a 
little long tho (2:30 uncached on my box). sorting time for entire 
moonbase is about 2:30 now, mostly spending in the fgrep. sorting time 
on 400 modules is < 30 seconds.
- double questions removed
- moonbase index creation is now more atomic than it was, it's generated 
in a tmpfile, then pivoted to the real location, same for depends.cache 
(crtl-c in the creation will not damage it)
- lrm fix that caused files in /boot to be deleted. as far as I can see 
this was still an TODO left open by kongar&&those-before-him (ouch). 
tested and works.
- added $DEPENDS_CACHE var in etc/lunar/config

to help out, do a 'lin theedge' after Mar 8 00:00 UTC and try the 
following commands:

lin moonbase
lin theedge
lunar renew or lunar update
lunar fix
lunar rebuild

also interesting could be any of the other commands, including their use 
from within the 'lunar' utility (the menu driven parts).

please let me know if anything is not as should be.


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