Lunar-1.4.0 (General P. Fault) ISO is released

Terry Chan tpchan at
Tue Mar 9 16:59:04 GMT 2004

Large changes in this ISO compared to the 1.3.3 version. A small list of the
major changes include: linux-2.4.25 kernels. gcc-3.3.3 is the default
compiler supported in Lunar now! ncurses-5.4 is installed on the iso.
perl-5.8.3, gettext-0.14.1, openssh-3.8p1, coreutils-5.2.0, updated
lfirsttime.8, curl-7.11.0 added and more. For a full list of changes see the

No xdelta is available from the 1.3.3 ISO as the xdelta would be around 90Meg,
while the iso.bz2 file is only 114Meg.

Terry Chan

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