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Sat Mar 27 12:46:55 GMT 2004

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nestu wrote:
| csm at wrote:
|> Okay gang here's the deal...
| Gang as in Mafia? :^)
|> The doc's need to end up in docbook format but it seems to me that
|> requiring everybody to create docbook would not work as not enough
|> people know it. So... what we're going to do is focus on the
|> content... not the format... once we have the content we can format it
|> afterward.
|> So what needs to happen is everyone must submit their documentation in
|> plain old unix text format.
| <quote who="Chuck">okees</quote>
| I'm using a column width of 72 for my doc. FYI, if you don't know how
| set your favorite ${EDITOR} max width, you can reformat using "cat
| mydoc.txt | fmt -w 72", for example, to see echoed to the term (well,
| man fmt ;) No, I'm not setting ${DEITY}, just thought it might be useful
| for you ppl :þ
| If we keep the .txt's handy, not just only use them for other formats,
| can we keep a width standard, say at 72 columns?

An altogether excellent idea!

|> Then either I or evildrew can format it afterward.
| Only you? ;)

Basically what I had in mind is someone develops a doc format for
docbook for lunar and all the docs get built with it so we have a common
look and feel to all of them.

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