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Op Mon, 29 Mar 2004 18:44:55 -0800 schreef Steven Michalske aan Remco Lubbers
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> here is a question, is ranging ip addresses like this a common practice?

In the virtual hosting business: it is! Most accounts get their own IP-address
for various reasons. And having only 1 IP per NIC would limit the maximum
number of accounts per server somewhat ;-)

> what benefits does this yield?

- Most importantly: for measering datatraffic on the switch, which
  is done on a per-IP basis. These figures can be included in the
  customers handle and can be used in the accounting-software.
- If you have multiple SSL-sites on one machine, you will need
  an IP per SSL-site.
- a lot of companies hosting on a shared server want their own IP
  address, trying to look professional ;-)

> i can provide for a automagical way to set this up if it is deemed 
> relevent

Pls deem it relevant :-)

And please consider implementing a "no_aliasrouting"-option for the nic,
otherwise things get really slow if you have 254 IP's per NIC!

I'm curiously looking forward to the solution!



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