KDE 3.2.1 & QT 3.3.1 faster & stable than Lunar KDE

Auke Kok sofar at lunar-linux.org
Wed Mar 31 13:26:10 GMT 2004

ep98 at mail.bg wrote:

>I was removed KDE 3.2.1, QT 3.2.3, and LICQ, and rebuild all of them with the
>new QT 3.3.1, it works and a lot of changes can be seen compared to QT 3.2.3
>(also if the Lunar KDE maintainer read very carefuly the first line of the
>Requirements page for KDE, will see 3.2, not 3.2.1), the changes are:
> - No more crashesh during drag & drop
> - No more crashes to during selection, with [SHIFT] while editing
> - Faster load time for KDE Core, faster applications start, and for sure many
>more will be finded if someone wants to check it ...
>Still wandering do anyone check to compile KDE 3.2.1 with QT 3.3.1, or just read
>the Requirement list on KDE page (for KDE 3.2 of course), and put in Lunar
>moonbase ?

florin checked this out long back and confirmed there are too many 
Qt/KDE apps that still don't compile against the newer version. Until 
they do qt3 will remain at the old version. If you want to help try to 
compile every kde/qt app in moonbase against the new qt version and 
report to florin about your findings, they will be much appreicated.


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