gnucash and gnome2

Terry Chan tpchan at
Wed Mar 31 14:17:22 GMT 2004

You are asking a good question in the wrong place.  Ask the gnucash developer's.

Lunar devs have nothing to do with these types of problems/requests.

Terry Chan
On Wed, Mar 31, 2004 at 10:35:38AM -0700, Carl R. Powers wrote:
> HI,
> Anyone out there aware of any effort to migrate the gnucash package to use
> gnome2 rather than gnome?  It's always a pain in the ... to have a 
> reasonably
> pure gnome2 install and then add gnucash.  It spawns an  extensive list of
> dependancies on original gnome and other old libs/programs, most of which
> on my installs are only required by gnucash and which could probably be
> satisfied by direct substitution with their current versions.
> Just wondering, especially as we approach the release of gnome2.6.
> Thanks,
> Carl Powers
> <powers at><powers at>

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