udev 073

Zbigniew Luszpinski zbiggy at o2.pl
Mon Nov 7 19:35:04 UTC 2005

> Hi everyone,
>   I use for some time on my system the gentoo rules
> file for udev. It seem to work fine (and it's easier
> to maintain too :). I attach here the module i use.
> Please give it a try and report if there are issuses
> with it.

Works fine for me too.

>P.S. Dovecot is known not to work with kmail, and so i
>can't get my email with SASL LOGIN as i did until recently.

Try installing cyrus-sasl manually (not by lin). I had long time ago troubles 
with kmail and LOGIN - manual cyrus-sasl installation helped. Then someone 
fixed module and since that time I use lunar module instead. My problem was 
_not_ Dovecot connected. --enable-login was missing.

Zbigniew 'zbiggy' Luszpinski

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