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Jon South striker at lunar-linux.org
Fri Apr 7 13:47:57 UTC 2006

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> Did you even bother to surf over to the site to see what I was talking about?
> I am well aware that I could search Google Images for 'linux
> screenshot'... however what if I am interested in seeing screenshots
> of specifically Lunar Linux, and of its entire install process? Almost
> every other distro I can think of has submitted a tour. Besides, it's
> free publicity, especially in light of your recent release of 1.6.0.

You failed to see my point (which was mostly a joke anyway). Lunar looks 
like Linux...there are no special "Lunar" splash screens or anything 
fancy. Hell, Lunar doesn't even come with any X-windows, or display 
managers/environments by default, it's just plain-jane linux like it 
should be -- the basic building blocks to mold however you like. Lunar 
was originally meant for utility, not eye-candy -- don't get me wrong, 
it looks just as pretty if you wanted to install that sorta stuff, but 
Lunar comes mainly from server and hard-core desktop usage.

But hey, I'll give you a treat. This is what Lunar REALLY looks like 

Lunar Linux 1.6.0-i686 (Indium Antimonide)
Kernel on an i686

Localhost login:


Also, sofar has screenshots of the install process, I think he keeps 
them hidden in a vault in his underwear drawer. He may be willing to 
give them up...for a price.

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