Module submission - ctypes

Davide "M3xican" Coppola dmc at
Sat Apr 15 01:06:37 UTC 2006

module name       : ctypes
suggested section : python
update (y/n)      :  n
bugfix (y/n)      : y
security (y/n)    : n

This module requires a downgrade to the previous release cause the
current one has removed a (important) method that is used by other
programs like libmusicbrainz, so generating compile errors.

For more info, read:

Now, after the downgrade and after that I have added the ctypes
dependency to libmusicbrainz, everything compile and work fine.

Davide "m3xican" Coppola

lvu submit ctypes ac1ac9078be53a4fda4850d02d90cac8  - 2.6.12 gcc-3.4.5 glibc-2.3.6

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