Python2.5 is now in moonbase

Terry Chan tpchan at
Wed Sep 20 14:11:18 UTC 2006

from #lunar:

[08:41] <tchan> Anyone else here using Python ?
[08:46] <dveatch> installed only cause some modules wanted it.
[08:51] <tchan> with the upgrade to Python2.5, you would be well advised to recompile critical python dependent modules
[08:51] <tchan> like pygtk2, pycairo, etc...
[08:52] <dveatch> good point.
[08:52] <tchan> the Python hack that just copies /usr/lib/python*/site-related/* files to the new Python library is just that -- a HACK.
[08:52] <dveatch> maybe the python stuff could be done like sofar did with perl modules.
[08:53] <dveatch> I think it was sofar that did that.
[08:54] <tchan> anyways, I was asking about Python users because I don't have time to debug the new python version of numpy
[08:54] <tchan> numpy-1.0b5 now supercedes numeric and numarray packages
[08:55] <tchan> unfortunately numpy-1.0b5 doesn't compile with Python2.5 yet.
[08:55] <tchan>
[08:55] <tchan> for all the gory details
[09:02] <tchan> New Python2.5 also includes ctypes (so that python module is no longer useful) and I think the same for elementtree

So anyways, if someone has more time, please install Python2.5
(currently in moonbase) and see if they can get the new numpy-1.0b5 to compile
correctly. We need to move over from numeric and numarray modules to numpy.
The current numpy module is incorrectly using numeric as its source code

Also ctypes is now included in Python2.5 and I think elementtree is also
included (but that one needs to be verified).

I don't have time right now to track all this down, hence this email to the
lunar ML.

Terry Chan

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