diff-ing back moonbase module updates into zlocal

Gb majinai at warpmail.net
Sat Dec 8 16:25:04 CET 2007

Thank you Duncan (for your script) and zbiggy (for your symlink method).

Your tips could solve my problem,
but I am now stuck with my customized DEPENDS file not being taken into 
consideration by lin. :(
This issue is the subject of the bug-report:

>several ways to fix this:
>1. lin moonbase
>will rebuild that .cache file... So all you really
>need to do after deleting a depends from a DEPENDS file is lin
>moonbase... this will solve your problems...
>there are other ways but they are not advised for the mortal user:
>2. hand edit the /var/state/lunar/depends* files and delete the
>entries of the module you are editing. after that lin -cr MODULE
>3. "lsh create_depends_cache" and then lin -cr MODULE
>AGAIN these 2 last ways are really not recommended and lin moonbase
>works just as well ;)

Running "lin moonbase" does not update the depends cache
to reflect the changes I made to my own zlocal DEPENDS file.

Being a mortal user, AFAIK :) , I would like to avoid methods 2. and 3.
(3. is reported as not working too, on the bug-tracker).


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