hosed by lunar update

Zbigniew Luszpinski zbiggy at o2.pl
Fri Dec 28 03:52:23 CET 2007

Thursday 27 of December 2007 19:09:09 Jeff Kirsher wrote:
> I have tried the fglrx in
> the moonbase, and it does not compile on, yet if I run the
> installer downloaded from ATI/AMD site, it installs just fine.

The old fglrx driver in moonbase was not ready for 2.6.23 kernels. You 
encountered our protection against bad install.

Here in attachment most recent, updated fglrx module. Just unpack it to zlocal 
and lin. Before lining do lvu info fglrx to check if it is recognized by 
General Module Info
  Name:          fglrx
  Description:   Proprietary X.org driver for the AMD ATI Radeon GPUs
  Website:       http://ati.amd.com/
  Lunar Version: 8.443.1
  Last Updated:  20071228
  Section:       zlocal

BTW: If you use KDE, in K->Tools menu you will find AMD Catalyst Control 

If you find this module fully working please bump it to moonbase because I 
have no access.

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