fglrx (was hosed by lunar update)

Zbigniew Luszpinski zbiggy at o2.pl
Sat Dec 29 01:29:46 CET 2007

Saturday 29 of December 2007 00:19:29 Richard Pyne wrote:
> > > 2) The maximum resolution supported is 1280 x 720, making my 1440 x 900
> > > digital screen look crappy. It appears to have clobbered my previous
> > > screen settings (and I have forgotten where they are stored).
> I have attached the /var/log/Xorg.0.log and my /etc/X11/xorg.conf (which
> it appears is not used by the new driver).

It looks you encountered the same problem like Dennis. So the answer will be 
Your Xorg log file says:
(II) fglrx(0): Supported additional Video Mode:
(II) fglrx(0): clock: 96.3 MHz   Image Size:  367 x 230 mm
(II) fglrx(0): h_active: 1440  h_sync: 1504  h_sync_end 1536 h_blank_end 1760 
h_border: 0
(II) fglrx(0): v_active: 900  v_sync: 903  v_sync_end 906 v_blanking: 912 
v_border: 0

As you see fglrx knows about 1440x900 native resolution of your LCD panel.
You probably encountered something similar to "ATI known issue":
"Connecting a display device that supports 1680x1050 to a system running
Linux may result in a maximum display resolution of 1280x1024 only being
available" together with another "ATI known issue":
"Custom mode lines in xorg.conf may be ignored by the fglrx driver"
712_linux.html suggests that nothing can be done except waiting for next
fglrx release. I can not do anything with this bug. It is ATI's internal
bug in binary code.

It looks ATI has problem with handling big screens (those above industrial 
standard of maxiumum 1280x1024)


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